About Us

We are a bunch of fully dedicated professionals. Our utmost efforts are to provide our users with the best available content on the net. We get the content around the web. 

The cultural diversity is present among us. We are from different nations but with a single purpose to serve the online gaming community better. 

If you think that you are one of us do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to have you with us

The Team

Our team includes people from different dimensions and walks of life. Some of these are game developers These are responsible for the development of the games. The games as per the requirements of our valuable visitors. 

The second team is the web development team. The web development team is responsible for the development of web content. This makes the experience better for our users.

The legal team

People that are part of this team are responsible to assist the website regarding the legal issues. This is an important part of our firm. This team is possible to seek the interest of the firm at any court of law. The things related to legal manners like intellectual property rights are the wholesaler’s responsibility to implement, follow and protect.

Designing teams

This team is responsible to design the visual elements of the website. These are aesthetically highly skilled people and make the stay of the user pleasant at the website.