Burnout Drift Hilltop

Burnout Drift : Hilltop Game

Drifting is a popular art game amongst car lovers. Drift fans always love being a part of the drifting game. If you are seeking a real drifting game, then the Burnout Drift-hilltop game is for you. It is a genuine drifting game specially designed for people who love car racing.

What is this game about?

Burnout drift Hilltop is a 3D game. You can screech across the mountains using Burnout drift hilltop. This game allows you to cruise at the Ridge, Rocky pass, and Winter Pass. Step your feet on the gas pedals, spin the wheels, and burn the rubbers to achieve your scores.
Before you start the game, you can customize the vehicle and adjust body angle, suspension, engine, colors, and many more to suit the personalized driving style. You can also customize the alloy style of your cars.
Burnout drift- hilltop game offers drifting practice over three various tracks, which features weather conditions and different road layouts.
This game’s layouts are fantastic hairpin turns with long sweeping bends that can allow you to drift.
For each successful drift, you can earn points. The longer you perform the drift, the more you will gain the score. However, the score might reset if you hit the roadsides. It is, therefore, essential that you need to be super careful while driving the car.

Once you earn the coins during the race, you can upgrade the vehicle afterward or purchase new or powerful supercars available in the game. Are you planning to be a drifting legend, then you should try this game out!

  • How to Play Burnout Drift: Hilltop Game?
  • For drive, press WASD or arrow keys.
  • For handbrake, space is used.
  • For NOS, you need to use “F.”
  • For Slow Motion, you need to use “G.”
  • For start/ stop engine, you need to use “I.”
  • For low beam headlights, you need to use “L.”
  • For high beam headlights, you need to use “K.”
  • For changing the camera, you can use “C.”
  • For pause, press on ESC, P.
  • For gear up, press the left shift.
  • For gear down, press Left Ctrl.


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In burnout drift hilltop-1, you can enjoy this addicting sequel. This part features three maps, which include a great night city map. You can enjoy city car driving simulator top speed in Burnout-drift-hilltop 1. There are 12 unique cars offering users with multiple customizations. It features three individual maps where you can enjoy driving the vehicles. It is a single-player mode.

In Burnout drift hilltop-2, you can enjoy drift hunters’ top speed. It features 12 cars offering the users with multiple customization options. It allows you to enjoy drifting in three unique maps and is a single-player mode game. In Burnout drift hilltop-3, there are several features and options. Burnout drift seaport max is an excess user engagement game. It is a multiplayer game mode where you can enjoy customization, use new cars, features like achievements and maps. There are eleven new cars featured in this sequel with multiple customizations. It features a single unique plan. You can enjoy single-player and multiplayer modes. The achievements in this sequel allow you to save progress over your browser.

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User reviews regarding burnout drift hilltop game:
What people love about this game is that it’s pretty simple and easy to play. However, people think that the tracks and cars are limited to minimum interaction. If you are planning to be a drift master, then this game is perfect for practicing drifting. It allows the users to practice considering the timings and essential balance of speeding and turning. It works better if you use a simulator drive wheel.

People don’t love the background texture much because it slows down the gameplay and ruins the quality. The difficulty level in this game is high as you have a narrow margin to handle the cars when in traffic, and you are at increased risk to lose your points if you slightly touch the adjacent vehicle. People love having fun when playing this drift, challenging game for free. Enjoy drifting challenges like a pro and be a real gamer. Enjoy the cars, excellent physics, tactics with this free online browsing game available on several options, including