Dirt Bike Racing Games

The Ultimate Guide to Dirt Bike Racing Games Coming Out in 2024

Dirt bike racing games allow players to experience the thrill of tearing up off-road tracks from the comfort of their screens. With advanced graphics and physics engines, modern dirt bike games are reaching impressive new levels of realism and immersion.

As we look ahead to 2024, there are several highly anticipated dirt bike racing titles slated for release that take the genre to the next level. This guide will explore the most exciting upcoming dirt bike games of 2024 and what to expect from these adrenaline-fueled virtual riding experiences.

Key Features to Expect in 2024 Dirt Bike Games

The latest crop of dirt bike racing games raising the bar when it comes to graphics, physics, customization, multiplayer, and innovative features:

  • Photo-realistic graphics: With ray tracing, high polygon counts, detailed environments and riders, 2024 games like MX vs ATV Legends will offer new graphical benchmarks.
  • Advanced physics: Sophisticated engines will model suspension, tire grip, weight shifting for immersive riding dynamics.
  • Extensive customization: Edit everything from riders and gear to bikes with tuning options for handling preferences.
  • Massive open worlds: Explore vast, freely roamable riding environments from lush forests to rugged mountains.
  • Multiplayer racing: Battle other real players in competitive and cooperative online race modes.
  • Adaptive AI: Intelligent NPC riders learn from your racing lines and adjust difficulty based on skill.
  • Innovative game modes: New party games, enduro challenges, waypoint races and more diversify race formats.

With these key innovations, 2024’s dirt bike titles will deliver unprecedented excitement and realism!

Most Anticipated Upcoming Dirt Bike Games

MX vs ATV Legends

MX vs ATV Legends
  • Release Date: Q3 2024
  • Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC

The tenth installment in the popular MX vs ATV franchise, MX vs ATV Legends brings a series first to consoles: 60 FPS performance. This buttery-smooth frame rate allows the game’s completely overhauled physics engine to shine.

Ultra-precise bike handling with tunable suspension, ride height, steering geometry and a new weight shifting model sets a new standard. Crisp visuals enabled by the Iris graphics engine immerse players in 22 massive sandbox environments spanning forests, mountains, deserts and more.

With 100+ events across modes like Supercross, Waypoint races and Freestyle, expanded multiplayer for 12 players, and an enhanced track editor, this title looks to claim the dirt bike racing crown in 2024.

RiMS Racing 2

RiMS Racing 2
  • Release Date: Q4 2024
  • Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC

Two years after RiMS Racing wowed critics with its AAA-quality bike models and handling, RiMS Racing 2 turns everything up a notch. Built for new-gen hardware, R2’s proprietary DUNE engine generates jaw-dropping environments down to the pebble with global illumination, volumetric lighting and 4K support.

Every surface affects handling through tuned tire pressure, temperature and surface adhesion physics. Over 300 customizable parts let players tweak bikes exactly to their riding style. The career mode expands to 450+ events with dynamic weather and time of day. Multiplayer gains 8-player local and online modes for intense competitive and cooperative events. If that wasn’t enough, RiMS 2 will receive free DLC bike drops post-launch fulfilling its potential as 2024’s definitive sim-style racer.

Trail Outlaws

  • Release Date: Q2 2024
  • Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

Veteran motorcycle game studio Ride Dev enters the dirt bike genre with their handcrafted ode to rebel riding culture, Trail Outlaws. Set in a massive, freely explorable desert landscape, players can tear through procedural trails or just cruise and session sprawling zones.

Advanced terrain manipulation dynamically changes trails during races while real-time weather alters surfaces. With four-player co-op challenges, asynchronous multiplayer events and limitless custom bikes and riders thanks to the extensive editor suite, Trail Outlaws promises emergent off-road fun for veteran and rookie riders alike when it launches console-exclusive in April 2024.

What to Expect From Key Dirt Bike Racing Game Modes

Beyond new features, let’s explore innovations coming to popular dirt bike game modes in 2024 titles:


The stadium-based racing on manicured dirt tracks continues improving with 2024 games:

  • Adaptive AI rivals study players’ racing lines and adjust difficulty based on overall performance.
  • Expanded track editors allow players to craft their ultimate arena tracks to share online.
  • SIM settings toggle mechanical damage, penalties, manual starts and tuning options for ultra-realism.


The creative competitions let riders soar with expanded trick systems:

  • Physics-based trick combos seamlessly chain spins, flips and grabs for scoring.
  • Smart landing assists help players smoothly stomp landings.
  • Dynamic events feature constantly changing courses and obstacles.
Physics-Based Trick CombosRealistic whips, scrubs, supermans chained together for big scores
Smart Landing AssistsHelp riders smoothly stomp landings
Dynamic EventsConstantly updated courses and obstacles

Waypoint Racing

The open world contests reach new heights in 2024:

  • Adaptive routes dynamically generate race lines based on players’ progress.
  • Multi-discipline challenges mix trail, hill climb, and open environments into one event.
  • Asynchronous multiplayer allows racing ghost replay data from other players.
Adaptive RoutesDynamically generated race lines match ability
Multi-Discipline EventsCombine environments into one race
Asynchronous MultiplayerCompete against other players’ ghost data

Track Editors

Unleash creativity with revamped creation tools:

  • Smart construction aids help sculpt terrain and detail tracks.
  • Community integration to share designs and content online.
  • Weather and time controls let creators set environmental moods.

Most Realistic Handling, Physics and Customization

While every 2024 dirt bike game brings its strengths to the table, two titles stand out when it comes to ultra-realism and customization.

RiMS Racing 2

With over 300 tuneable bike components, adaptive tire wear, temperature and surface interaction, RiMS 2 sets the standard for two-wheeled realism. Independent suspension responds to the most minute riding inputs and shifts in weight while ultra-precise handling puts riders in total control. This helps the game’s simple assists and rewinds ease both rookies and veterans into its unmatched simulation model that shines once assists are removed.

MX vs ATV Legends

While leaning more towards accessible action than simulation, MX vs ATV Legends’ overhauled physics engine marks a new high point for the franchise. Independent front and rear suspension squats, extends and absorbs impacts properly to rider inputs for the first time. Combined with refined tire models, 60 FPS performance for pinpoint control, and an adaptive learning AI, the result is quintessential arcade action with a satisfying dose of realism. Extensive customization then allows any rider to tune the experience to their preference.

5 Key Tips for Mastering 2024’s Most Realistic Titles

Veteran and rookie riders alike may find the ultra-realism of 2024’s leading dirt bike games initially overwhelming. Here are 5 key tips to master their sophisticated physics and handling:

  • Experiment with assist settings to ease into the challenge until you develop skills.
  • Tune responsiveness settings like steering speed and sensitivity to fit your preference.
  • Run practice laps to adapt to each bike’s handling dynamics before racing.
  • Use landmarks and track markers to master braking points and optimal lines.
  • Check replays to study where veteran riders gain time and mimic their techniques.

With some patience and these handy tips, players can throttle into the true potential 2024’s most realistic titles offer experts willing to master their intricacies. Both casual and simulation riders have much to look forward to!

The Future of Dirt Bike Games Looks Bright

With giant leaps in graphics, physics and features that blur the lines between games and reality, 2024 is set to deliver some of the most exciting advancements the dirt bike racing genre has ever seen. Whether you favor mile-high Supercross triples, bone-rattling FMX tricks, or endless backcountry exploration, the main event is just around the first corner.

So start those two-stroke engines and prepare for the ride of your life! A whole new generation of dirt bike brilliance awaits when these groundbreaking titles launch. Where will you explore first when these hotly anticipated games release? Let the countdown begin!