Earn to die games

Earn To Die Games

Earn to die games are one of the most popular zombie survival games series ever designed and released in the market. The popularity is still here even though the years have been passed since the first version release of the earn to die classic released.

Earn to die classic
A survival game set in the desert. The mission is to reach the helicopter to run away from the flesh-eating Zombies. As you are the delicious food for the zombies they try you should not reach the helicopter. You use a vehicle to run. The good thing is that you can upgrade your vehicle by purchasing different available up-gradation for you. Even you can purchase the new vehicle and can upgrade that prebiotically.

Once you have completed the story version you can still enjoy the game by playing the challenge mode. The first version of the earn to die classic was released in November 2011. This complete fun package in which you can use multiple weapons along with driving the car.

Earn to die games classic

Earn to die full version
Earn to die full version is available for the Android t the Google play store. For the iOS operating system users, the game is available on their respective platforms to download. This is a fully functional game and you can enjoy this on your mobile phone. Other than iOS and Android operating systems this game can be played in the web browser.

Tye controls to play earn to die. The player can make the following moves while playing the game. The game players can perform the following general operations

earn to die games full

  • The car can either run
  • It can take turns on the left and right side
  • You can apply breaks.

These operations can be performed with the help of these keys on your desktop or laptop.

  • Key “W” is for the move and the acceleration in the forward direction. The alternative available key for this operation is the “Forward Arrow” key
  • The key ” S” can be used to stop the car in the game. The alternative key that can be used to stop the car and reduces its speed is the down arrow.
  • The key “A” and “D” can be used to direct the car in the Right and Left direction. Alternatively, the player can use the arrow keys right and left to direct the direction of the car.

How to get super wheel to earn to die

The game becomes super excited with every upgrade. To upgrade your vehicle in the earn to die. You need to kill the zombies. By killing a Zombie you will earn some points. These points in the form of cash can be used to get some upgrades. You can even buy a completely new vehicle with this cash and upgrade it accordingly.

The Super Wheel Earn To Die is the super-duper upgrade that you can buy. This super wheel earns to die upgrade can allow you to easily kill the Zombies and can keep you safe from the Zombies attack.

Final Words

This classic game the earn to die still not lost its charm for the players. This is the reason you are on this page and this is the reason I am writing this information for you.