Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The uses of this website is subject to obey the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the website

Respect for intellectual property rights is our top priority. We believe to serve you with the best of the available content on the web or on the internet. Therefore we request you that you must not submit any material which is actually copyrighted to someone else. 

We have a zero-tolerance policy for this. If any user is found doing anything that is a violation of this policy we will ban the user from our website.

We may collect some information from you. This information will be collected through the small quotes known as cookies through the web browser you use.

External links

While using the website you may find some links that may direct the user to other websites. 

We are not responsible because any harm is done to avoid users at their third party website.

The system has been fingered out to evaluate each and every League so that the user can be protected. In Spite of the complete fear of anything bad happening with the user, we are not in any sense responsible for this bad experience.

Account termination

Any violation of the policies of the terms of the website will definitely result in the immediate termination of the account of the user.


While using this website that risk lies with the user only. The website is not responsible in any case of any harm done with the user. Once the user is on this website he completely agrees with this statement. if you are not agreeing with our terms and conditions please leave this site immediately. 

This is mandatory for all the users to read these terms and conditions before using our website. 

Do not use our website if it is not legal to play online games in your part of the world.