Best Steam Deck Racing Games

The Top 5 Best Steam Deck Racing Games You Can Play in 2024

The Steam Deck has taken handheld gaming to the next level with its power and versatility. Racing fans can now enjoy high-speed action on the go like never before thanks to the Steam Deck’s ability to run AAA racing titles smoothly.

In 2024, there will be plenty of fantastic racing games that play brilliantly on Valve’s new handheld. Here are 5 of the best Steam Deck racing games you can look forward to playing in 2024 for exhilarating fun on the go:

1. Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7
  • Developed by Polyphony Digital
  • Latest mainline entry in Sony’s premier racing simulator series
  • Features over 400 meticulously modeled cars from manufacturers like Porsche, Ferrari, and more
  • Includes nearly 100 track routes set in real-world locations
  • Offers extensive singleplayer career mode and multiplayer options
  • Realistic driving physics and graphics showcase the Steam Deck’s power

With its phenomenal graphics and accurate simulation-grade handling, Gran Turismo 7 is set to provide one of the most authentic and engaging racing experiences yet on the Steam Deck when it launches in 2024.

2. Forza Motorsport 8

Forza Motorsport 8
  • Produced by Turn 10 Studios for Xbox and PC
  • Next installment in Microsoft’s realistic Forza racing series
  • Will feature dynamic weather effects and day/night cycles
  • Massive car list with customization options
  • Campaign mode, split-screen local multiplayer and online PvP
  • Expected to support Steam Deck through Xbox app at launch

As the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Forza Motorsport 7, the eighth Forza Motorsport game is sure to impress on Steam Deck with its breathtaking visuals and responsive controls when it debuts in 2024.

3. Need for Speed 2024

Need for Speed 2024
  • Published by Electronic Arts
  • First new Need for Speed title since Unbound in 2022
  • Likely will return to more realistic street racing focus
  • Customizable cars, police chases, and sanctioned track events
  • Supported on Steam Deck via Origin app at launch
  • Fast-paced racing action perfect for on-the-go gaming

EA will surely look to recapture the magic of earlier Need for Speed games like Most Wanted and Underground with the 2024 installment – an exhilarating combo on the portable Steam Deck.

4. Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown
  • Created by KT Racing
  • Part of the open world Test Drive racing series
  • Set across Hong Kong Island, with over 1000 km of roads
  • Unique focus on luxurious lifestyle and car collecting
  • Massive multiplayer online mode supporting cross-platform play
  • Expected to support Steam Deck either natively or via Epic Games Store

With its sprawling open world and social MMO gameplay, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown lets players live the exotic car lifestyle on the Steam Deck’s brilliant handheld display starting in 2024.

5. DiRT Rally 3.0

  • Developed by Codemasters
  • Latest in their demanding DiRT rally racing sim series
  • Doubles down on ultra-realistic handling and physics
  • Features new-generation hybrid rally cars
  • Expanded career mode with events across the globe
  • Built to support Steam Deck at launch

Codemasters is planning to crank the realism factor up to 11 with DiRT Rally 3.0, delivering one of the most challenging and authentic rally racing experiences yet on the Steam Deck in 2024.

Take on the planet’s toughest off-road endurance rally head-on with Dakar Desert Rally, coming to push the Steam Deck’s technical abilities in 2024.

Key Features To Expect From The Top Steam Deck Racing Games

Looking ahead to 2024, these stellar racing titles headed to the Steam Deck will include exciting features that showcase the hardware’s capabilities and make them fantastic to play on the go:

  • Jaw-dropping Graphics: Modern visuals and effects like real-time raytracing that shine on the Steam Deck’s advanced AMD chipset and controls.
  • Responsive Performance: Smooth 60+ FPS gameplay thanks to the Steam Deck’s speedy SSD storage and powerful integrated GPU.
  • Precise Controls: Tight integration with the Steam Deck’s buttons, triggers, thumbsticks, touchpads and gyro motion make racing feel more immersive.
  • Cross-Play Support: Play online against console and PC players thanks to cross-platform multiplayer integration.
  • Cloud Saves: Continue progress on PC for seamless play between Steam Deck and desktop rig.
  • Mod Support: Customize the experience with extra cars, tracks, graphics mods and more.
  • Handheld Modes: Optimized default graphics settings for stellar handheld visuals and battery life.
  • Steam Deck Exclusives: Special features like HD rumble and exclusive touchscreen controls only for the Steam Deck version.

What To Look For In A Quality Steam Deck Racing Game

For evaluating which upcoming 2024 racing titles will play best on Steam Deck, here are the key factors to consider:

Driving Physics and Handling

The physics model is crucial – a quality Steam Deck racing game should simulate weight transfer and grip realistically for immersive driving feel without being too punishing for a handheld device’s controls.

Graphics and Performance

Modern visual effects like real-time ray tracing and weather effects are a plus, but rock solid 60 FPS performance is even more important for fast racing on a handheld.

Car Customization and Upgrades

In-depth tuning, mods and customization options add replay value and let players make the cars their own.

Control Responsiveness

Precise, intuitive controls make racing with thumbsticks and buttons more dynamic and enjoyable. Key features like gyro aim assist are a major asset.

Game Modes

A quality Steam Deck racer needs to offer varied singleplayer and multiplayer modes to keep players engaged on the go, along with options like split-screen for groups.

Playable Offline

For a handheld, the ability to enjoy the game offline and without internet access is highly beneficial for uninterrupted enjoyment anywhere.

Cloud Saves and Cross-Play

When Wi-Fi is available, cloud syncing progression across devices and cross-play with PC/console users enhances the experience.

Well-Optimized Port

Native Steam Deck support with appropriate default settings tweaked specifically for the hardware’s handheld capabilities is vital.

Top Steam Deck Racing Games – The Takeaway

With visually stunning ports of racing titans like Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport alongside exciting new IPs on the horizon, 2024 is set to be a phenomenal year for high-octane multiplayer and singleplayer racing thrills on the revolutionary Steam Deck hardware.

Whether you crave realistic simulations, off-road challenges or unconventional smash ’em up fun, the Steam Deck has you covered with a stellar lineup of exclusive and multiplatform racing games that let you experience speed, customization and driving finesse on the go like never before.